Smooth and Delicious Chewy Dango

Smooth and Delicious Chewy Dango

I recommend this for those of you who aren't satisfied with dango just made with dangoko! They're super chewy.

Ingredients: About 20 dango balls

100 g
+4 tablespoons
As indicated on the dango flour package + 4 tablespoons
The combination of non glutinous and mochi rice in the dangoko varies by brand. Adjust as needed.


1. Mix the rice dumpling flour and shiratama flour together. Add water, and knead until it is about as soft as an earlobe.
2. Stretch it out with a rolling pin, cut into approximate sizes, and roll into balls. Boil the balls for the amount of time indicates on the package.
3. When removing the rice dumplings from the pot, you can make them more gooey by cooking in ice water.
4. Lastly, drain the water and cover with your favorite sauce along with kinako soy flour, and enjoy the rice dumplings. You're finished!
5. Mitarashi sauce (Recipe ID: 1135558).
6. You can brown the rice dumplings on an electric grill as well.
7. I buy this for about a euro at an Asian shop. 水磨糯米 = Shiratamako. 水磨粘米 = Joshinko

Story Behind this Recipe

Before when I made Mitarashi rice dumplings with just dangoko, something was missing. I wondered how it would turn out by adding shiratamako.