Hearty Chocolate Scone Baked in a Rice Cooker

Hearty Chocolate Scone Baked in a Rice Cooker

You can bake this easily and deliciously in a rice cooker! By using yogurt, then you can get crispy outsides and rich insides even with a small amount of butter . It is delicious .

Ingredients: The below portions are for a 5 cup rice cooker. Please make this using half the ingredient pints when using a 3 cup rice cooker. Set it to cake mode of your rice cooker has it.

Pancake mix
300g (2 bags)
100 g
(Bar) chocolate
2 bars (about 100~120g)
Butter (or margarine)


1. Prepare the ingredients. Break the chocolate up into approximate chunks. Melt the butter or margarine in the microwave at 500W for 20~30 seconds.
2. Place all of the ingredients aside from the chocolate into the rice pot, and stir with a rubber spatula etc.
3. You can use gloves if you don't want to get your hands dirty. Roll it into one ball without any lumps or inconsistencies, then knead in the chocolate. The chocolate will melt from the warmth of your hand, so mix it in evenly and quickly.
4. The center plumps up easily, so spread it out so it will shrink back down a little.
5. Cut the dough with a rubber or wooden spatula that won't scratch the pot, cutting all the way to the bottom while avoiding the chocolate.
6. After setting it, bake it in a regular rice cooker. ( If there is a special course for baking bread or cake then use that to bake it).
7. Just one side is fine, but you can flip it over and bake the other side in the same manner. About 15 minutes should suffice for the second time through.
8. After baking, flip it upside down on top of any rack. For those of you that want it rich, then eat it while it is warm; for those of you that like this hard, then cover in plastic wrap after it cools, and store it.
9. You can store any leftovers in the refrigerator. If you make extra and freeze it, you can enjoy this over a long period!
10. I like cooking with my rice cooker.
11. I use this brand of pancake mix, which I feel comfortable using since it has good ingredients.

Story Behind this Recipe

I just so happened to stumble upon this when I was trying out a different recipe, and discovered this way of baking.
I figured light brown sugar would not work in a rice cooker, but it turned out great once I cut notches into it .
I made another one of my husband's favorites even though he is on a diet!