Full of Fiber! Chunky Sweet Potato Ogre Dumplings

Full of Fiber! Chunky Sweet Potato Ogre Dumplings

Sweet potatoes are so nutritious! They're packed with fiber, vitamin C, and potassium! Not only will these cure constipation, they're great for alleviating water retention and for improving your skin too.

Ingredients: 7 to 9 dumplings

Japanese sweet potatoes
100 g
100 g
Shiratamako (or joshinko)
25 g
1/4 teaspoon


1. Dice the sweet potatoes into 1 cm (peeled or not, whichever you prefer) and soak in a bowl of cold water for 20 minutes to an hour.
2. Drain the sweet potatoes and mix with the sugar. Leave for an hour. Enough water will come out of the potato pieces to immerse them.
3. When water has seeped out of the sweet potato pieces, push them to the side, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
4. When the flours have been evenly distributed and everything is coated, it's good! It tastes better if the mixture is chunky as shown in the photo.
5. Line a steamer with paper towel, form round dumplings with the potato mixture, and place on the paper. Steam over medium heat until the potato pieces are cooked through and the dough is translucent.
6. When the dumplings are cooked, turn them over to prevent them from sticking, and flip them to cool on paper towels. Done!

Story Behind this Recipe

These dumplings are really easy and simple, and taste delicious cold. They contain lots of sweet potato, so they're a snack ideal for curing constipation. They are filling too, so perfect for breakfast!!