Turnip and Prawns Marinated in Yuzu Pepper Paste

Turnip and Prawns Marinated in Yuzu Pepper Paste

An unexpected, but tasty combination of yuzu pepper paste and olive oil.
The amounts of ingredients shown here are approximate.


as much as you like
Turnip greens
as much as you like
as much as you like
Ratio of yuzu pepper paste to olive oil to vinegar
2 : 2 : 1
to taste
as needed


1. Peel the turnips and cut them in half. Then slice into 7 mm thickness. Sprinkle with salt and set aside. Cook the turnip greens in boiling water and drain.
2. Peel the prawns and devein. Rub katakuriko into the shrimp, rinse, then boil them in water.
3. Once moisture is produced from the salted turnips, rinse and pat dry with a paper towel. Do not squeeze out the moisture.
4. Blot the excess water from the turnips, turnip greens, and prawns. Toss them in a mixture of yuzu pepper paste, olive oil, and vinegar, chill in the fridge, then serve!
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Story Behind this Recipe

I combined my favourite ingredients to make a nice salad.