How to Pit Cherries

How to Pit Cherries

This is an easy way to cleanly remove pits from cherries even without a pit remover! Use this method when using cherries for cake toppings, fillings, or syrups.

Ingredients: as much as you like

Japanese or American cherries
as many as you need
Crab fork


1. Taadaa!! This is our special gadget. It's the spoon/fork(?) used to extract flesh from a crab!!
2. Remove the stem from the cherry, then insert the small end of the crab fork into the hole.
3. To prevent pulling up flesh along with the pit, scrape around it in a circle, then use the fork to lever the pit up and out of the cherry.
4. I was able to pit it cleanly!

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually cut cherries in half or use a toothpick to remove the pits, but since it's rather messy, I came up with a new, easy way to do it with a tool I found by foraging my kitchen.