Orange Custard Cream

Orange Custard Cream

This custard cream has a refreshing orange aroma that makes a great dessert filling or bread spread.


100% orange juice
200 ml
3 tablespoons
White flour
2 tablespoons


1. Warm the orange juice in a saucepan to body temperature.
2. Break the egg into a bowl, add the sugar and mix well with a whisk. Sift in the flour and mix until it is no longer lumpy.
3. Add the warmed juice to the bowl in Step 2 in small batches. Using a sieve, strain the mixture into the saucepan you used in Step 1. (You don't have to wash the saucepan before doing this.)
4. Over a low heat, mix well with a spatula until the mixture thickens. It's done when it drops slowly from the spatula!
5. Put it into a Tupperware or other container, and wrap well so the surface doesn't dry out. When it has cooled, keep it in the fridge.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a filling that would go nicely with orange flavoured bread.