Icing for Cookies

Icing for Cookies

Please make the icing soft to start with, and adjust to a firmness that is easy to use.

Ingredients: An amount that's easy to make

130 g
Egg white
1 egg's worth


1. Add sugar to the egg white and stir with a spoon.
2. Mix for 5 minutes until the mixture becomes thick and glossy.
3. If it's too soft, adjust by adding sugar gradually until it reaches a firmness, which is easy to use.
4. For the cookies, it's best to use soft icing (the kind that drizzles slowly if you scoop it up). For drawing borders or letters, harder icing is best.
5. For fine details, I make a cone-shaped piping bag. Take an A4 sized sheet of plastic, cut it into a square, and then into a triangle. The yellow arrow indicates the middle.
6. Roll up the sheet from the corner. Take care that there are no gaps in the yellow arrow.
7. Once you're finished rolling, check the pointed tip one more time, then secure the cone with tape. Using lots of tape is best.
8. For the cone piping bag, a plastic sheet is easier to use than parchment paper. It's also useful when you're using chocolate to write messages.
9. This is a tiara decoration that I found in a design book. I drew it using a cup.
10. I used a plastic cup with an upper diameter of 7 cm and a base diameter of 5 cm. Wrap parchment paper around the cup and draw the icing design.
11. This is what it looks like laid out. Wrap the parchment paper around a cup you have on hand, cut it to the appropriate size, and try designing your own pattern.
12. The best thing to use for icing flat objects is a plastic ice cream spoon Haagen-Dazs spoons are particularly easy to use.
13. I iced these cookies. Try making your preferred colour of icing by dissolving a small amount of food colouring in water and mixing it into the icing little by little.
14. I made these as a gift for a ballet recital. I iced them with the design of the ballet outfits worn on that day.
15. These are NYC cookies made sparkly with edible silver dust.
16. This was a present for a piano recital. I made treble clefs with keyboards and music notes. You can put them in a cup.
17. I made cookies and drew uniforms for a matriculation party. I gave them as a present along with cherry blossom shaped cookies.
18. I made the color for a violin with black cocoa powder. Drawing the strings perfectly straight was nerve-wracking.
19. This is a wedding design.
20. Even if the icing doesn't totally harden, just adding dragees or lines makes it cute.
21. These are light coloured heart cookies with a lace design.
22. I added a bit of icing to store-bought macarons to make them my own.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a basic icing that's essential for desserts.