Crispy with Shiso Leaves Tender Chicken Tempura

Crispy with Shiso Leaves Tender Chicken Tempura

This chicken tempura is seasoned with salt.
It's my favorite chicken dish that also gets rave reviews from my friends.

Ingredients: 4 generous servings

Chicken breast
2 large pieces
★ Sake
4 tablespoons
★ Salt
1 tablespoon
★ Umami seasoning
1/2 teaspoon
★ Ginger juice (optional)
a very small amount
Tempura flour
as needed
Shiso leaves


1. Remove the skin and white fat from the chicken breast meat. Diagonally slice the chicken into bite-sized pieces against the direction of the fiber.
2. Put the chicken and the ★ ingredients in a dish, massage in the seasonings, then marinate for half a day. (Tip: The sake gets completely absorbed into the meat if you let it marinate overnight.)
3. Chop off the stem of the shiso leaves, then cut the leaves into halves. (To make 40 pieces in total.)
4. Prepare the tempura batter as per the instructions on the tempura flour package. Place the shiso leaves on one side of each of the pieces of chicken, and dip them into the batter with your hands.
5. Gently deep fry in 160°C oil until crispy. Keep the oil at a low temperature since heating the chicken meat at a high temperature will make the meat tough!
6. By keeping a thin layer of tempura batter over the shiso leaf, the green color will show through and add a nice visual touch.
7. Since they also taste good cold, they make a perfect obento item. I put them on top of rice covered with a layer of nori seaweed.
8. Serve it with lemon in your obento.

Story Behind this Recipe

The chicken tempura I had at an udon shop was so delicious, and nicely seasoned with salt...
I deep fried them together with my favorite shiso leaves.