Thick Matcha Ice Cream

Thick Matcha Ice Cream

With this recipe for an easy and delicious matcha ice cream, you'll make no mistakes.


Heavy cream
200 ml
Sugar (total)
80 g
2 tablespoons
Hot water
3 tablespoons


1. Add matcha and 5 g of sugar to a small bowl. Add hot water and mix well with a spoon.
2. Crack the eggs into a medium-sized bowl. Add 40 g sugar in small batches and mix with a whisk until it's white.
3. Combine the heavy cream with 35 g sugar in a large bowl, and whip until they form soft peaks.
4. Add ingredients from Step 1 to the bowl from Step 2. Then add the cream mixture from Step 3, and combine in cutting motions using a spatula. Don't mix too much.
5. Pour into a container and freeze for over 4 hours. No need to mix while it's freezing.
6. Your delicious matcha ice cream is done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I experimented a lot in order to make delicious matcha ice cream.