Easy Hassle-Free Ramen Burgers with Yakisoba Noodles

Easy Hassle-Free Ramen Burgers with Yakisoba Noodles

You'll be grilling your yakisoba noodles straight out of the bag, so there's no need to worry about shaping them into buns. The crispy outer layer you get on these is just amazing.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Yakisoba noodles
2 bags
Your preferred ramen toppings
I used char siu pork slices, pickled bamboo shoots, Japanese leek
Ramen noodle soup seasoning (powdered or concentrated liquid form)
Your preferred flavor
Salt and pepper
a dash


1. Prepare all the ingredients for your ramen burger. If the fats in your liquid ramen soup seasoning have solidified, try warming it up to soften it. If you're using a soup that's powdered, dissolve it in just a tiny bit of hot water to form a paste.
2. Grease your frying pan with sesame oil or similar, and cook your noodles until they're nice browned. Season them with salt and pepper until they're crisp on the outside.
3. Place your preferred toppings and fillings on sheet of noodles, and drizzle on the sauce. Cover that the second sheet of noodles.
4. You can take big bites out of your burger, as it is, wrapped in baking paper,
5. or you can cut it into smaller portions.
6. Try not to use regular printing paper for this. Heat-proof baking paper is the safest bet. Also, I'd recommend enjoying your ramen burger as soon as possible after preparing it since the noodle strands start to fall apart if you leave them out for too long.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a ramen burger at a food festival one time, and I couldn't forget how delicious so I tried making an easy homemade version with yakisoba noodles.