Garlic Chips and Garlic Oil

Garlic Chips and Garlic Oil

This recipe shows you how to make crispy and fragrant garlic chips as well as three types of garlic oil that you can keep stocked.


The garlic chips
as much as you need (I used 1.5 heads of garlic)
Extra virgin olive oil
as needed
Pure Garlic Oil Version 1
Extra virgin olive oil
as needed (what you used to make the garlic chips)
as needed (optional)
Pure Garlic Oil Version 2
Extra virgin olive oil
200 ml
1/2 to 1 head (depending on how big they are and your preference)
Garlic Oil with Garlic Bits
Extra virgin olive oil
200 ml
1/2 to 1 head (depending on how big they are and your preference)
I also recommend adding red chili peppers


1. The garlic chips can be stored for some time. The garlic chips in the top photo have been stored for a month, but they are still crisp.
2. Slice the garlic thinly, and remove the core using a toothpick.
3. Set a heatproof sieve inside a heatproof bowl.
4. Put the sliced garlic in a cold frying pan. Pour in the extra virgin olive oil (at least 2 cm worth) and heat over low.
5. The left over olive oil will becomes garlic oil later.
6. If you want to make a large batch of garlic oil, add more extra virgin olive oil.
7. Once the Step 4 oil starts to smell aromatic, stir occasionally with cooking chopsticks. Small bubbles should start appearing on the surface.
8. Once the garlic starts to slightly brown, turn up the heat to medium high.
9. Constantly stir the pot and watch over the garlic. Once it browns to your preference, turn off the heat.
10. Drain the garlic and oil into the Step 3 sieve and bowl immediately. Draw up the sieve immediately so the bottom is not touching the oil in the bowl.
11. Note: The temperature of the oil is raised in Step 8 to evenly color the garlic chips and to make them crispy.
12. Garlic browns really fast in hot oil. Keep an eye on the garlic and drain it quickly as soon as it's done in Step 9.
13. Pat dry the oil from the garlic chips. Drain off more oil by putting the chips on paper towels, and leave them to cool down to room temperature.
14. If you are using the chips right away, use them while they are still warm.
15. When the chips have cooled down to room temperature, put in a sealable container to store. I stored with a pack of silica gel (desiccant).
16. Next is the Pure Garlic Oil. This is the oil left over from making the garlic chips.
17. Use this garlic oil in cooking.
18. Strain the oil from Step 10 through a paper towel lined sieve.
19. Let the oil cool down to room temperature, and store in a sterilized jar with a tight lid. This is version 1 of Pure Garlic Oil.
20. I added some cloves of raw garlic to infuse in the oil, but this is optional.
21. If you add raw garlic to the oil to infuse, you can always pour in more olive oil when your batch runs low. This also adds fragrance to the oil.
22. However, make sure to add oil when your batch is running low as the exposed garlic cloves may mold and may flame up when heated.
23. If you are adding garlic to infuse, peel the cloves, chop off the ends, and wash well. Pat dry and drop into the jar.
24. Make sure the garlic cloves in the bottom of the jar are not exposed to air. When the oil in the jar runs low, add more extra virgin olive oil.
25. Sometimes I replenish the infused oil when I make more garlic chips. I also use garlic oil to make garlic chips occasionally.
26. How to make Version 2 of Pure Garlic Oil: This method is recommend if you don't like garlic chips or don't need to make them.
27. Prep the garlic cloves as in Step 23, and cut in half. Use small whole cloves.
28. Put the garlic cloves in a sterilized jar, add extra virgin olive oil, and it's done.
29. The garlic flavor and fragrance will be infused after about 2 days. It's ready to be used after the 4th day. Just use the oil and not the garlic.
30. Make sure that the cloves in the jar are not exposed to air. Add more oil if it runs low.
31. Note: Do not expose olive oil to sunlight. Store the jars of garlic oils in a cool and dark place.
32. For Garlic Oil with Garlic Bits.
33. Mince the garlic. The key is to use a lot so that you can enjoy it in the oil.
34. Put the chopped garlic and extra virgin olive oil in a cold and deep pan. Turn the heat to low.
35. Resist the urge to turn up the heat to make it cook faster, just let it cook very slowly so that the garlic doesn't burn.
36. After about 5 minutes or so, the garlic will turn a light beig with lightly browned edges. Turn off the heat, and leave the oil to cool.
37. Even when the oil has cooled, the garlic will continue to cook in residual heat and turn a slightly darker shade of brown.
38. Note: If you don't stop the heat soon enough, the garlic will brown too much.
39. In that case, transfer the pan on a cold wrung out kitchen towel to cool the oil quickly and to prevent the garlic from burning.
40. Transfer the oil and garlic bits in a sterilized jar. I added red chili peppers to infuse.
41. Mix garlic oil and garlic chips with rock salt and black pepper, and dip into a crusty bite of focaccia.
42. I recommend drizzling the chunky garlic oil on salads and pasta dishes. When using garlic oil for cooking, I recommend using just the oil.
43. Use the Pure Garlic Oil to cook steak or for garlic flavored sautéed dishes such as risotto, pasta, etc. It's really useful.
44. All purpose garlic oil is also useful for making cold dishes like cold pasta, carpaccio, etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

But in our house we use both garlic chips and garlic oil a lot, so they are indispensable condiments.
The oils are convenient to have on hand.