How to Prepare and Enjoy Ramps

How to Prepare and Enjoy Ramps

This is for anyone enjoying ramps for the first time, for those who don't like ramps very much, and for children.

I prepared them so that they will be enjoyable to eat.

Ingredients: as needed

Ramps (or alpine leek)
as needed


1. This is how ramps are sold. Peel off the red section. This will significantly reduce the bitterness and will make them easier to enjoy.
2. Hold the top of the stalk and pull down on the red part to easily remove it. If any thin skin remains, peel that off, too.
3. They should look like this when peeled. Wash and they're ready to use.
4. There is a chance that some mud or debris will be stuck underneath the red skin.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Since I grow a lot of ramps, I am planning to post lots of recipes using them.
My goal is to create recipes that even children will be able to eat and enjoy.