California Rolls and Seattle Rolls

California Rolls and Seattle Rolls

They are great for birthday parties or other events.

Ingredients: 5-7 servings

○Vinegar rice (Recipe ID: 1115626)
3 rice cooker cups of raw rice
☆Imitation crab meat sticks (for California rolls)
1 pack (8 sticks)
★Sashimi salmon (for Seattle rolls)
1 block
○Nori (dried seaweed sheet)
7-8 sheets
○White sesame seeds
as needed
Use either ☆ or ★ as a main ingredient, and use ○ as basic ingredients


1. Cut each ingredients into pieces so that they will fit inside the nori seaweed. Use either ☆ or ★ as a main ingredient. Add the ○ ingredients, and roll it up.
2. Cover the makisu (bamboo sushi mat) with plastic wrap. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds. Spread out the vinegar rice, and place nori seaweed on top. Top with the filling.
3. When you roll it up, the vinegar rice will show on the outside.
4. This is how it looks when it's cut.
5. Place the nori seaweed on the mat. Put the vinegar rice and the filling ingredients on top, then roll it up.
6. The nori seaweed is wrapped outside in this method.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband made these for us one time. Since then, it's been one of our favorite dishes to make for home parties.