My Melody Onigiri Character Bento

My Melody Onigiri Character Bento

My Melody with her trademark pink hood.

Ingredients: For 1 My Melody

Plain cooked rice
150 g
● Pink decofuri, ketchup rice, etc.
As needed
Nori seaweed
A small amount
Sliced cheese
A small amount
Cheddar cheese (or thin omelet)
A small amount
Spaghetti strand (to hold the pieces together)
Two small sticks


1. Mix the plain rice with the ● ingredient and form into the shape of the ears and head while the rice is covered in plastic wrap.
2. Make the shape of the face using a small amount of white rice and add to the shape in Step 1.
3. (Mouth & Eyes) Make the mouth and eyes from the nori seaweed using a punch. There is no mouth in the top picture but form the mouth however you like!
4. (Flower) Place two slices of cheese on top of each other and cut into the shape of a flower. Remove a piece of cheddar cheese with a straw and insert into the flower shape. If you have a flower shaped cutter, you could also use this.
5. (Nose) Squash the straw a little and make the end into the shape of an oval. Remove another piece of cheddar cheese with the straw.
6. All the parts look like this!
7. Add the rice to the bento box and secure the ears using a pasta strand. It looks great when the ears flops forward from the center.
8. Once all the parts are secured, the My Melody bento is finished!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had leftover pink decofuri so I tried making a pink character!