Easy Layered and Steam-Cooked Cabbage and Pork

Easy Layered and Steam-Cooked Cabbage and Pork

The rich flavor of pork soaks into the cabbage deliciously. Simple is best!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Pork (this time, sliced)
300 g
Olive oil
2 to 3 tablespoons
Krazy Salt (if not, salt and pepper)
as needed (about 1/2 teaspoon)
1 clove
White wine (or cooking sake)
3 tablespoons


1. Chop cabbage roughly, and garlic finely. Spread out the meat. Stack pot in this order: cabbage, meat, cabbage, meat... etc.
2. Make sure it's topped with meat. Add garlic, Krazy Salt, olive oil, and drizzle some white wine. Cover the pot...
3. When it boils, keep simmering the cabbage and pork for 10 minutes over low heat. Some soup will come out of the cabbage. It's done when the meat on top has been cooked through.
4. Also serve with your favorite sauce. The sauces that are pictured are: (left) 2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, 3 tablespoon olive oil, and (right) 1 tablespoon miso, 2 tablespoon ground sesame seeds, 2 tablespoon ponzu, and 3 tablespoon vinegar.
5. Also tastes refreshing with some sudachi mayonnaise sauce (Recipe ID: 930511). This sauce seems to work well with anything.
6. Miso mayonnaise (Recipe ID: 864710) is a hit with the kids. You can prepare some with 3 tablespoons miso, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, and 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Story Behind this Recipe

'Tis the season for cabbage. I wanted to cook it into a simple, delicious, and warming dish.