Milk Pudding

Milk Pudding

Made from very simple ingredients, but delicious.

Ingredients: serves 5 to 6

500 g
Powdered gelatin
10 g
Hot water
100 g
60 g
Vanilla extract or oil
5 drops


1. Shake out the gelatin into the hot water and mix until evenly dissolved.
2. Put half of the milk (250 g) and the sugar in a pot and heat on medium heat. Warm until just before boiling.
3. Stop the heat, add the gelatin from step 1, and mix. Add the remaining milk (250 g) and mix.
4. Add the vanilla extract (or oil) and mix.
5. Pour into containers (you can strain it here) and cool in the refrigerator for about 2 hours, until it stiffens.
6. And it's complete! A soft and jiggly pudding. Since this is a simple milk pudding adding a strawberry topping makes it cute. Also delicious with fruits.
7. Also check out this coffee jelly recipe that uses this milk pudding in dual layers. It's really delicious, Recipe ID: 1352001.
8. This is what it looks like. There's not a lot of the milk pudding. Since the milk pudding is the softer of the two, perhaps it's best to have it be the top layer.
9. Another version with heavy cream and topped with cocoa. So good!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a pudding I made back when I was an elementary school student.
You can make it easily before dinner and have it afterwards as a dessert.