Bamboo Shoot Rice with Canned Scallop

Bamboo Shoot Rice with Canned Scallop

The delicious flavor of the scallops gently diffuses through the rice. Rather than enjoying this rice piping hot, it tastes better slightly cooled.

Ingredients: 3 rice cooker cups (uncooked)

Rice (uncooked)
3 rice cooker cups - 480ml
Bamboo shoot (Parboiled and rinsed)
200 g
50 g
Canned scallops
140 g (scallops + juices)
1 teaspoon
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Sansho leaf
as needed


1. Slice the bamboo shoot into bite-sized pieces, about 2 mm thick. Finely chop the carrot. Separate the scallops from the canned juices.
2. Wash the rice and put into the rice cooker bowl. Add the soy sauce, sake, mirin, and scallop juices. Fill the rest of the way up to the 3 serving line with water.
3. Add the salt, bamboo shoot, carrot, and scallops to Step 2. Put the bowl into the rice cooker and switch it on. Cook the rice as usual.
4. As soon as it has finished cooking, use a rice scoop (etc.) to roughly mix it all together.
5. Serve on a dish. Smash the sansho leaf with the palm of your hands to release the fragrance and place on top of the rice to finish.
6. Here's a lunch plate with the following: "Country Simmered Sweet Potato, "Leek & Red Pickled Ginger Rolled Omelet" "Glazed Carrots," "Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms with Ginger," "Starch Noodle Saute."
7. Since this also tastes good when cooled, it's great for bento. It's good for rice balls too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I started thinking about how to make delicious bamboo shoot rice without using bonito dashi or konbu dashi, so I made this.
It was just an experiment, but it came out really delicious.