Soy Milk Kudzu Kanten Jello Snack

Soy Milk Kudzu Kanten Jello Snack

You only need a single pot for this really easy dessert.
Enjoy this chewy and satisfying dish that's even high in fiber!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Kudzu starch
30 g
Powdered kanten
5 g
200 ml
Soy milk
200 ml
to taste ♪
to taste ♪


1. Add kudzu starch, kanten, and water into a pot. Mix well.
2. Over low heat, mix until translucent.
3. Add soy milk in small batches. Mix until smooth.
4. Remove from heat, and pour into a mold. Chill in the fridge.
5. Chop into bite-sizes. Arrange onto a serving dish and serve with kuromitsu and kinako!

Story Behind this Recipe

You can't miss having snack even when you're on a diet!
High in fiber and isoflavone.
Eat good food and stay beautiful!