Bulgogi-style Stir-fry with Beef (or Pork) and Lettuce

Bulgogi-style Stir-fry with Beef (or Pork) and Lettuce

This is quick and very addicting!
This dish is very popular with our friends.

Ingredients: 2 to 3 servings

Thinly sliced beef or pork
300 g
3 to 4 leaves
Chicken stock ( using Chinese chicken stock powder or Wei-pa is fine)
100 to 120 ml (if you like a strong flavor use 100 ml)
30 ml, 2 tablespoons
A. Soy sauce
30 ml, 2 tablespoons
A. Mirin
30 ml, 2 tablespoons
Gochujang spicy chilli paste...A
7.5 ml, 3 teaspoons (if you don't like a spicy hot taste mix half of this and half of miso)
Grated garlic...A
about 1 to 2 teaspoons (it tastes better with plenty of it)
to taste
Toasted sesame seeds....A
30 ml, 2 tablespoons
Sesame oil
to taste
to taste
to taste


1. Ingredients A: Put into a bowl and combine.
2. For the onion: Slice into 1 to 2 cm widths.
3. For the lettuce: Tear roughly (not into too small pieces) and soak in water. At Step 7, drain in a colander.
4. For the thinly sliced beef and pork: Cut roughly and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
5. Heat the sesame oil in a frying pan and add Step 2. Season with salt and pepper and continue to fry.
6. After Step 5 has become tender, add the sliced meat from Step 4. Season with salt and pepper, and continue to fry quickly.
7. Without allowing it to burn too much, fry Step 6thoroughly and add Step 1. Reduce the sauce over high heat.
8. After about 2 minutes, when the sauce is reduced, turn the heat off. Quickly add the lettuce from Step 3.
9. Stir everything together and transfer to a serving dish. Sprinkle on some toasted sesame seeds (not listed in the ingredients).
10. The lettuce is still crispy. When you eat it with the meat, it's so delicious.
11. You can add any leftover vegetables in the fridge and you can enjoy different variations. Users' comments are so helpful.
12. I use this gochujiang chilli paste. You can get in any supermarket.
13. I changed this sauce a bit and used it for a fried udon noodle dish. Recipe ID: 1335223. If you like this recipe, you will definitely love this udon recipe.

Story Behind this Recipe

Lots of friends come to our house to have dinner. I often make this as a quick dish which goes well with beer. This dish goes well with rice too, so I posted it here.