Moist and Fluffy! Rice Flour Cake!!

Moist and Fluffy! Rice Flour Cake!!

Cakes are essential for birthdays. Here's a moist and fluffy delicious handmade cake for those who are allergic to flour, eggs, and milk.

Ingredients: For 1 cake pan which is about 18 cm in diameter

Rice flour (joshinko)
Sugar (cane sugar)
Melted margarine (or shortening + a pinch of salt)
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Vanilla essence
as needed
Soy milk (or milk)
120ml to 150ml ( to make the dough to be able to mix with spoon )
☆ Soy milk whipping cream ( add sugar and whip for about 80% ) ※ or Whipping cream made from milk
about 2/3 of 1 pack ( 200ml )
★Whipping cream for decoration
as needed
★Fruits (canned) for decoration
as needed
♪ The syrup from a canned fruit
as needed


1. Mix all ingredients except the ones marked ☆, ★ and ♪. Be careful not to make it too creamy. Tip: Add little at a time if you are going to add more than 120ml.
2. The the batter at step 1 should be thick enough that it doesn't dribble when lifted by a spoon. It should feel a little heavy but a smooth consistency. I hope that's clear?
3. Add the ☆ whipping cream to Step 1 and mix using a spatula.
4. Pour Step 2 into a cake pan and bake for 30-40 minutes in a 340F/170℃ preheated oven. When it is ready, cover it with a tightly wrung cloth to cool.
5. This is the surface of the sponge when you cut it. Slice the cooled sponge and let it absorb the syrup from canned fruit.
6. If you are worried about the sugar in the syrup of the canned fruit, you can spray water on the surface of the sponge to make it moist!!
7. Spread the ★ whipping cream for decoration or fruits in between and decorate it. Then it is done!!
8. You could make a mini cake if you make it with a small cake pan!! You can also garnish with a cocoa powder cream or chocolate sprinkles.
9. You could mix chopped apples to the dough and bake it in an angel cake pan to make angel cake!! Top with homemade apple jam!!
10. It's also pretty good when you mix fruit jam (about 50g) to the dough and bake.

Story Behind this Recipe

A delicious cake for children who have flour, egg, and milk allergies!!