Bacon and Mushroom Curry Cream Penne

Bacon and Mushroom Curry Cream Penne

You can make this easily in just one pan. The umami of the bacon and mushrooms fit so well with the curry flavored cream sauce.

Ingredients: 4 servings

100 g
Oyster mushrooms (or king oyster or some other mushrooms of your choice)
1/2 pack
1 to 2 slices
Broccoli (or spinach or some other green vegetable)
1/2 bag
Olive or vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
about 250 ml
A. Curry powder
1 teaspoon
A. Heavy cream (or milk if you don't have cream)
50 ml
A. Cream cheese
30 to 50 g (adjust to taste)
A. Soup stock powder
2 teaspoons (or 1 cube)
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Cut the bacon into 1cm pieces. If using king oyster mushrooms, slice thinly (if using oyster mushrooms, shred apart). Chop up the broccoli coarsely (if using spinach, cut into easy to eat pieces).
2. Heat olive oil in a pan and saute the Step 1 ingredients lightly. Add the water and penne, as well the A. ingredients, cover with a lid, and simmer over low heat.
3. Mix it up occasionally as it cooks. When the penne is the texture you want it to be, adjust the seasoning with salt. Transfer to serving plates.
4. I used penne that cooks in 12 minutes for this, but if you have fast-cooking type penne, reduce the amount of water.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this pasta just using leftovers from the refrigerator, but my husband loved it!