Salt-Marinated Boiled Eggs

Salt-Marinated Boiled Eggs

The marinated is flavored with sesame oil and salt. The eggs look plain and white, but are amazingly good! Try them with rice, or as a great drinking appetizer too!

Ingredients: 5 eggs' worth

Boiled eggs
● Water
100 ml
● Mirin
2 tablespoons
● Coarse salt
2 teaspoons
● Dashi stock granules
1 teaspoon
● Black pepper
1/2 teaspoon
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon


1. Mix the ● ingredients together in a bowl, and microwave for 1 minute at 600 W. Mix well again.
2. Put the peeled and dried boiled eggs, the sauce from Step 1 and sesame oil in a plastic bag.
3. Marinate in the refrigerator for half a day to a day. The eggs will still look white, but they'll be very well flavored. Don't marinate longer than that or they'll become too salty!!
4. You can use the marinade for another dish. Put a bunch of bok choy in a bowl with the marinade, cover with plastic wrap and microwave! They're great as a topping for ramen noodles.
5. Another way to use up the leftover marinade: Use it to marinade chicken for karaage (fried chicken)! Cookpad member Noa-Mama told me about this.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up a variation on the usual soy sauce marinated eggs you get at ramen restaurants.