Low-Calorie Non-Fried Frozen Croquettes

Low-Calorie Non-Fried Frozen Croquettes

Deep-fried food is delicious but it's so high in calories. So I microwaved and baked this dish without deep-frying. It's healthy. Serve with wiener sausages.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Frozen croquette
1 (60 g)
as needed
Wiener sausage (optional)


1. Squeeze out the mayonnaise onto the frozen croquette. Make small cuts on the wiener sausage. Place them on parchment paper, and microwave for 1 minute without plastic wrap.
2. Transfer onto aluminium foil, and bake until browned in the oven.
3. And done. I placed nori seaweed on rice, and put the croquette, wiener sausage, stir-fried bean sprouts, and cherry tomatoes to make noriben (bento with nori dipped in soy sauce covering cooked rice)

Story Behind this Recipe

Frozen croquettes are useful, but I don't want to deep-fry them because they are high in calories, so I didn't deep-fry them.