Edamame Cream Cheese Dip

Edamame Cream Cheese Dip

The pretty green color from the edamame makes this dip perfect for parties.

Ingredients: 16~20 servings (using about 4~5 slices of sandwich bread)

Edamame (I used the frozen variety this time around)
150 g
Cream cheese
100 g
*Salt and pepper
a small amount
1 scant teaspoon
*Grated garlic
about a pinch (just a tiny bit)
Fish sausage
1~2 sticks
Sliced bread (or crackers)
4~5 slices


1. Slice the bread into appropriate sizes and toast until crispy. If you have fish sausage sticks around, grind or mince those down in the meantime.
2. Place the edamame beans in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat them in the microwave for about 2 minutes or so. Add in the salt, then mix and mash all the beans.
3. Mix your cream cheese into the mashed beans, and toss in all the ingredients marked with a *.
4. Layer on as much dip and sausage as you want, and enjoy!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was chosen as a product monitor for a brand of cream cheese, so I tried coming up with a new recipe.