Even when You're Broke: Satisfying Nori-Wrapped Deep Fried Vegetable Stuffed Chikuwa Fish Sticks

Even when You're Broke: Satisfying Nori-Wrapped Deep Fried Vegetable Stuffed Chikuwa Fish Sticks

The garlic shoots, bell peppers, and curry powder turn chikuwa into meat-like morsels, and make this nori-wrapped deep fried dish satisfying.

Ingredients: 2 to 3 servings

Main ingredients:
1 bag
Garlic sprouts
Fresh, as needed
Red and yellow peppers (or green peppers)
Fresh, as needed
Nori seaweed
Optional, as needed
For the batter:
Tempura flour
as needed
Curry powder
a generous amount
as needed
For the sauce:
Tonkatsu sauce
as needed
Toasted white sesame seeds
a generous amount, crushed between your fingers
Japanese mustard
to taste
Other ingredients:
Oil for frying
as needed
Vegetables to serve on the side
a lot


1. This is about it: sliced peppers, chikuwa, nori seaweed, and garlic shoot.
2. Mix the batter ingredients together to make the curry flavored batter.
3. Cut each chikuwa in half diagonally, and push the julienned pieces of vegetable into the hole.
4. Wrap a piece of nori seaweed around each piece of chikuwa, and use a bit of the batter to secure the ends. They look like this. Now let's coat them in batter.
5. Don't dunk the chikuwa pieces in the batter or they'll be coated with too much of it. Just place the pieces on top of the batter.
6. Just coat the chikiwa with batter by spreading it using disposable chopsticks. This way, the vegetables won't get batter-coated and the pieces won't get too heavy.
7. Deep fry quickly in hot oil and they're done.
8. The garlic shoot, bell pepper, and curry powder make these deep fried morsels taste very meat-like and really satisfying.
9. I highly recommend mixing the tonkatsu sauce with sesame seeds and Japanese mustard. The stuffed chikuwa is tasty even when cold, so they are great in bentos.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm broke... but I want to eat something yummy...
They're nothing special, but these morsels are really satisfying.