Tofu With Thick, Silky, Fluffy Egg and An Sauce

Tofu With Thick, Silky, Fluffy Egg and An Sauce

Enjoy this soft, thick and unctuous scrambled egg and an sauce on top of mild tofu.

Ingredients: 2

Silken tofu
1 block
★ Water
★ Chicken soup stock granules
2 teaspoons
★Salt and pepper
A pinch of each
Katakuriko slurry
Appropriate quantity to thicken


1. Put tofu on a heatproof dish and wrap it in paper towels. Cover the dish in plastic cling film and microwave it for 4 minutes so that the tofu is warmed through. Drain off the water.
2. Put ★ in a small pot and thicken with katakuriko dissolved in water.While it's simmering, slowly add the beaten egg.
3. Put ② on ① and it's done! Add sakura-ebi dried tiny shrimp, sesame seeds, green onion for additional color, if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with a healthy tofu recipe.
It tastes mild and comforting.