My Family's Kabocha Squash Hoto Udon Noodles

My Family's Kabocha Squash Hoto Udon Noodles

We don't eat this dish in the restaurants because home-made Hoto udon is the best!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Fresh Hoto udon noodles
1 portion (130 g) x 4 = (520 g)
Japanese kabocha squash
Taro potatoes
Chinese cabbage
Green onions or scallions
Shiitake mushrooms
Shimeji mushrooms
1 packet
Thinly sliced pork
300 g
☆ Water
8 cups (1760 ml)
☆ Japanese dashi stock powder
2 tablespoons
Miso with japanese dashi stock
5 to 6 tablespoons


1. Prepare the vegetables. Cut the Japanese kabocha squash and taro potatoes into big chunks.
2. Prepare other ingredients like this in this photo.
3. Cut the pork into bite sizes.
4. Put the ☆ water and Japanese dashi stock powder in a sauce pan. Add the squash, taro and Chinese cabbage and simmer for about 5 minutes.
5. After the squash is cooked through take out half of it and put aside (to avoid cooking down all of it).
6. Add the rest of the vegetables and pork and simmer for about 10 minutes. After the noodles are cooked add miso and Step 5.
7. Sprinkle with plenty of shichimi spice. One packet of noodles is for one person. The cooking time at Step 6 differs according to the noodles you will use. Follow the cooking instruction at the back of the packet.
8. Sprinkle with plenty of shichimi spice. Yuzu flavoured shichimi spice also goes well with this dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Kabocha Hoto is Yamanashi's local speciality. Home-made Hoto is the best. This is our family's recipe.