My Family's Curry Doria

My Family's Curry Doria

A menu using ketchup rice and eggs and gooey cheese that will make anybody happy.

Ingredients: 2 people

Leftover curry
as available
Hot cooked rice
as needed
a little
Wiener sausages
4 sausages
Pizza cheese
a lot


1. Mix a little ketchup into warm rice. It's okay for it to slightly color.
2. Lightly coat a gratin pan with butter, and put the rice in it.
3. Cover with warmed-up curry, and top with sausages cut in half lengthwise.
4. Cover it with lots of cheese, make an indent in the center with a spoon, and drop an egg. Cook it in the oven until it turns golden brown and you are finished .
5. This is a version without an egg .

Story Behind this Recipe

This is how my family always uses leftover curry.