5-Minute Egg & Basil Toast

5-Minute Egg & Basil Toast

Since you're just tearing a well into the bread and cracking an egg directly into it, there's hardly any washing up. The basil smells so good.


Sliced pullman loaf (one loaf cut vertically into 6 slices)
1 slice
Salt (or Krazy Salt)
as desired
Dried basil
as desired
Coarsely ground black pepper
as desired


1. Tear a well into the center of the bread (make quite a deep well, but not deep enough to make a hole in the bread). Put the torn out bread aside for later.
2. Crack an egg into the well.
3. Sprinkle some salt over the egg and beat the egg gently, being careful not to tear a hole.
4. Place the torn out bread from earlier on top of the egg and mix it in a little. Sprinkle the basil and coarse black pepper over the top, and toast it for 3 minutes.
5. It's done The toast should be browned quite well and crispy.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I put an egg on toast, it often runs over the side, so I decided to create a little well in the bread this time.