Cheap, Easy, and Low-Calorie Homemade Cream Cheese

Cheap, Easy, and Low-Calorie Homemade Cream Cheese

Actually, you can easily make this with ingredients right in your home!
It's faster and more genuine than using drained yogurt and it's absolutely creamy!
And it's low calorie so there are no guilty feelings!

Ingredients: 1 cream cheese pack: 200-250g

Milk (or soy milk)
500 ml
Heavy cream
for refreshing cream cheese: 1/2 carton (100ml)/ For Creamy cheese: 1 carton (200ml)
Lemon juice
1/4 cup (50 ml)
two pinches


1. Put the heavy cream into a heat-resistant bowl and microwave using the "heat milk" mode. Be careful not to let it boil.
2. Add lemon juice to Step 1, wait 10 minutes, and then gently and slooooowly move it around. (Don't move it quickly or suddenly). The milk component will quickly separate.
3. Place 2 paper towels into a colander and pour in Step 2. Let it strain for 2-3 hours. If it's being stubborn, after the allotted time, use your hands to squeeze out the remaining moisture.
4. This is what it looks like after 1 hour. It made a lot! This condition finishes the hard cream state (about the same as soft cream cheese).
5. [If you want to finish hardening] Transfer to a new paper towel or dish cloth and gently squeeze out the moisture with both hands. .Don't squeeze it too much!
6. Transfer it to a bowl and add salt. Knead it with a rubber spatula until it becomes smooth, and then it's finished. (The amount of kneading and labor and finished smoothness varies by person!)
7. If you let it naturally drain, as in Step 4, it will be the type of cream just right for spreading. It will be easy to spread on bagels or sandwiches.
8. You should use the whey that was left behind in place of water when baking bread. Even after 3 days, the bread is still moist!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted a low-fat and cheaply made yet gentle cream cheese.
(By the way, the top picture is a red bean paste and cream cheese sandwich.)