Fish Sausage Roses (for lunchboxes)

Fish Sausage Roses (for lunchboxes)

These beautiful decorations made with fish sausage are great for bento.


Fish sausage
As needed
1 bean per rose


1. Take long thin slices off a fish sausage using a vegetable peeler.
2. Start rolling up a slice from the edge.
3. Turn the roll over occasionally, then keep winding.
4. Here's one rose done. If you want to make a bigger rose, add another slice on with a little overlap and keep rolling as in Steps 2 and 3.
5. If you roll these so that they look like inverted triangles from the side the 'petals' will spread outwards very nicely. You can just leave the wrapped up roses as-is, but if you are concerned they will fall apart, secure them with a bit of pasta.
6. Take the thin skin off edamame beans, cut in half and stick to the roses as if there were leaves. The roses are finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to fill up some gaps in a bento...
I love roses. I make them with marinated raw salmon, so I wondered if I could use something else to make bento-friendly versions.