Simple Faux KFC Fried Chicken

Simple Faux KFC Fried Chicken

The brining technique using salt water helps to remove any radioactive properties of the meat and prevents the meat from drying out. You also get that great crispy skin!

Ingredients: Serves 4-5

Chicken (your choice of cut, such as wings or breast with bone)
For the brine:
1/2 cup (see Helpful Hints)
1 teaspoon
Raw cane sugar
1 teaspoon
Garlic (grated)
1 clove
Bay leaf (optional)
1 leaf
Black pepper
to taste
For the crispy skin (adjust according to the amount of chicken):
★Plain flour
4 tablespoons or more
★ Cornstarch (or katakuriko)
4 tablespoons or more
★Baking powder (preferably aluminium-free)
a very small amount
1/2 teaspoons
Carbonated water, or beer (if you don' have any, add a small amount of vinegar to water)
1-2 tablespoons


1. Combine the brine ingredients and the meat in a plastic bag and lightly massage from the outside of the bag until the salt and sugar are absorbed (double-bagging reduces the chance of tearing the bag).
2. Once the meat has absorbed the juices, open the bag, press out the air, seal the bag and set in the refrigerator overnight. By the following day, the meat should completely absorb the water and become heavy.
3. Bake or fry the meat for a juicy finish! You can also make delicious and juicy chicken sauté or hamburger.
4. To prepare the coating, combine the meat chopped into chunks and the coating ingredients in a new bag and massage very well from the outside of the bag until the coating has covered the meat.
5. Generously coating the meat will produce a result close to the signature KFC flavor. Since the recipe uses carbonated water, you'll only need a pinch of baking powder!
6. Fry well in oil over medium heat. Increase the heat once the frying sound quiets down and the bubbles reduce in size. Once the coating becomes crunchy, it's ready to serve!
7. Make together with faux KFC biscuits! Recipe ID: 902412 You can't beat the combo of freshly baked biscuits and chicken!
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Story Behind this Recipe

I revised a version of brine often used in American households to suit Japanese households. The preparation in making the salt water is the same as that used in Belarus for removing radiation (water-soluble particles are removed by salt osmosis).