● Macrobiotic Apple & Walnut Pound Cake ●

● Macrobiotic Apple & Walnut Pound Cake ●

This pound cake has a simple flavor. It's best eaten when freshly baked, but it's still good chilled. Enjoy this delicious pound cake when apples are in season


Whole wheat flour
200 g
Apples (net weight)
About 150 g
Soy milk
100 ml
Maple syrup
50 g
Vegetable oil
50 g
Walnuts (finely chopped)
50 g
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Cinnamon powder
a small amount


1. Heat a Teflon-coated pot on low heat, and gently stir fry the apples till the water starts to evaporate. Once they're done, sprinkle the cinnamon powder on top and set them aside.
2. Combine together the soy milk, maple syrup, and oil in a bowl. Next add in the whole wheat flour and baking powder and mix with cutting motions. Now fold in the apples from Step 1 and add the walnuts.
3. Pour the batter into a pan; the surface will be a bit uneven. Now bake at 180℃ for about 30 minutes and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This macrobiotic pound cake is easy to make.