Wrapped Pork with Cheese

Wrapped Pork with Cheese

It only takes some wrapping up to make this easy side dish! Also good for bento!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Pork loin slices
6 slices
Processed cheese
Shiso leaves
Salt and pepper
As needed


1. Bring out the ingredients. Salt and pepper the pork.
2. Place the shiso leaf and cheese on top of the pork. Here, I halved the cheese.
3. Wrap them up. Now, let's grill.
4. Spread oil in a pan. Grill the pork wraps with the open ends facing down. Cover with a lid, and cook thoroughly.

Story Behind this Recipe

I put together this recipe for my husband who loves cheese.
It's now our family favorite, since it's so easy and great with rice.
Also good to pack in bentos.