For Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Sakura Wine Jello

For Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Sakura Wine Jello

The cherry and sakura on top of the jello look like they're floating.

Ingredients: 4 jello worth

Mitsuya cider (soda)
200 ml
Kirsch (Cherry alcohol)
1 tablespoon
Rosé Wine
200 ml
3 tablespoons
2 g
Cherry blossoms preserved in salt


1. Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan and mix whilst bringing to the boil. Dissolve the kanten well.
2. Stop the heat, add the kirsch and cider (brought to room temperature.) When you add the soda to the pan, it will bubble up so wait for the bubbles to settle before pouring into the serving containers.
3. Pour into serving containers. If bubbles form on the surface, scoop it gently. Lay a washed cherry blossom preserved in salt and a cherry on top.
4. If you have low alcohol tolerance, feel free to decrease the quantity of wine and increase the amount of soda. Since this recipe uses kanten, the mixture should start to firm up before all of the bubbles disappear.
5. These jello will still set at room temperature, so they're perfect to take on a picnic. The fizziness of the soda and the flavour of the wine make these jello so delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a dessert that I could take to a cherry blossom viewing.