Rolled and Cut Cinnamon Rolls

Rolled and Cut Cinnamon Rolls

I want to make my daily bread quickly. So I cut out the bench time and it still plumped up nicely like this. It's delicious!

Ingredients: 10

Strong (bread) flour
300 g
Dry yeast
6g (2 teaspoons)
20g (2 tablespoons)
5 g
Medium egg
1 (52g)
210g combined with the egg
Unsalted butter
30 g
Sliced almonds
as needed
Cinnamon sugar
As needed
Coffee powder if preferred
A small amount
Whisked egg ( warm it up in the microwave if you have leftovers and eat it as a side dish)
A small amount
Granulated sugar
as needed
Coffee powder (if preferred)
As desired
Sliced almonds
as needed


1. This has been kneaded in the bread maker up to the first rising. Roll it back up and stretch it out to about 7mm thick, and sprinkle with cinnamon powder.
2. Roll it up from the front to the other side, pinch the overlap tightly shut, and roll it about lightly.
3. Cut into 10 equal portions.
4. I cut it into pieces.
5. Place onto a pan covered with an oven sheet with spaces between each one and the cut part facing upwards.
6. Cover with a well wrung out wet rag and let rise for the second time. (Recently I've just been using a dry rag). Do so until it reaches approximately double the size.
7. Thus is the dough after the second rising. It took about 40 minutes.
8. Coat with whisked egg.
9. Top with granulated sugar as well. Scatter with coffee powder as well if you like.
10. Now we will bake it. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Bake it at this temperature for 5 minutes, reduce to 180°C, and bake for an additional 8 minutes.
11. This is the bread after baking.
12. Place into a cookie cooler or rack to let cool.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I stretched the dough into a square and then rolled it up, it was really easy to make! You can cut it without having to measure each one, so you can make it quickly.