Sweet and Salty Simmered Chicken Giblets - A Regional Speciality From Yamanashi

Sweet and Salty Simmered Chicken Giblets - A Regional Speciality From Yamanashi

This is a regional speciality from Yamanashi, simmered chicken giblets. I've removed the gizzards and chewy parts so that it's easier for children or ladies to eat. I've illustrated all steps with photos.


Chicken livers (with the hearts)
300 g
200 g
Sake (for the boiling water)
2 tablespoons
* Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
* Sugar
1 tablespoon
* Ginger (optional)
1 piece


1. Prep the giblets. Separate the livers and hearts with kitchen scissors. Carefully remove all the white parts. Cut the hearts in half and wash off the blood.
2. These are kumquats. If they're connected, separate them.
3. Bring a pan of water to a boil, add the sake, and boil the livers and hearts for 3 minutes. This removes their odor and makes them plump up.
4. Drain, and wash the giblets well. Throw away the boiling water.
5. Put all the * ingredients in a pot and simmer until it's thickened a little. Add the kumquats and parboiled giblets. Simmer so that everything is well coated in the sauce, and it's done.
6. Variation: Stir fry the cooked giblets with bean sprouts and bok choy - this is delicious too.
7. I edited the top photo.

Story Behind this Recipe

Simmered chicken giblets are on the menu of all soba restaurants in Yamanashi prefecture, and it's a regional speciality. In our house we don't include the gizzards since the children find them hard to eat, but they do eat the livers if I cook them in a sweet-salty sauce as they do at soba restaurants. We have this occasionally to ward off anemia.