Mango Mizu-yokan (Soft Adzuki Bean Jelly)

Mango Mizu-yokan (Soft Adzuki Bean Jelly)

Top mizu-yokan with mango to recreate the scene of nanohana (field mustard) in bloom on a foggy moonlit night.

Ingredients: 17 x 14 cm pan

400 g
600 ml
4 g
Canned mango (or yellow peach)
1 can


1. Chop the mango into dice-sized cubes. The combination of tart fruit with an paste is very delicious.
2. Put the ingredients in a sauce pan, then boil for about 2 minutes to dissolve the kanten. The kanten tends to stick to the bottom of the pan, so mix well.
3. Add the koshi-an, then continue to boil while stirring for about 3 minutes.
4. Place the sauce pan in a bowl of cold water to cool. Continue stirring with a spatula. Allow it to cool to the touch before pouring it into a pan. This way, the an paste and kanten will be less likely to separate while setting.
5. Wet the pan, then pour in the an mixture. Once the mizu-yokan slightly sets, place the mango cubes on top.
6. Also check out my recipe for strawberry mizu-yokan, that tastes like fruit jello Recipe ID: 1008945. Make them in jelly cups for a charming touch.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since the strawberry mizu-yokan I made was so delicious, I decided to try it with mango. Since it's troublesome to mash it, I topped the mizu-yokan with cut mango to look like nanohana in bloom.