Pork Wrapped Atsuage

Pork Wrapped Atsuage

Wrap creamy atsuage in crispy fried pork.

Ingredients: 4 servings

For the pork wraps
Thinly sliced pork
12 slices
Atsuage (silken tofu)
2 tablespoons
For the aromatic sauce:
● Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
● Rice vinegar
3 tablespoons
● Water
2 tablespoons
● Doubanjiang
1 teaspoon
✿ Ginger
1 piece
✿ Garlic
1 clove
✿ Japanese leek
5 cm
Finely chopped green onion
To taste


1. Make the aromatic sauce. Finely chop the ✿ ingredients, and mix with the ● ingredients.
2. Cut each atsuage into 12 pieces. Cut each pork slice into half, and wrap each half-piece around a piece of atsuage.
3. Coat the wrapped pieces with flour, and fry in oil until fragrant and browned.
4. Drizzle on the sauce from step 1 and chopped green onions and it's done. You can chill this after adding the sauce.
5. This was featured on a recipe card given out at supermarkets.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make yulinchi, a Chinese oil-doused chicken dish, but I've gained weight so I went with a healthier dish instead.