Cheese Custard Fruit Tart

Cheese Custard Fruit Tart

Cheese custard covered in fruit atop a crispy crust makes for a super delicious tart.

Ingredients: 99cm X 247cm X 23cm tart dish

Tart crust
Recipe ID: 1044412
Cheese custard:
Cream cheese
100 g
Granulated sugar
40 g
Egg yolks
2 large
Cake flour
20 g
200 ml
Vanilla Beans
1/2 stick
1 teaspoon
Whipped cream:
Heavy cream
50 ml
Granulated sugar
5 g


1. Bake the tart crust from Recipe ID: 1044412 for about 25 minutes at 170°C. You can replace with another crust if you like.
2. For the cheese custard: Soften the cream cheese by beating with a whisk. Sift the flour.
3. Add the sugar to the softened cream cheese and beat until blended. Thoroughly mix in the egg yolk and then the flour.
4. In a pot, heat the milk and the vanilla beans (seeds and sheath as well). When the edges start to boil, remove from the heat.
5. Add the heated milk (remove the vanilla bean sheath) from Step 4 into the mixture from Step 3. Mix completely until well blended.
6. Strain the mixture from Step 5 into a pot (use the one you heated the milk in). Heat slowly at low heat until thickened.
7. When thickened, remove from the heat. Add kirsch and let cool.
8. Put the whipped cream ingredients in a bowl and whisk until firm peaks form.
9. Combine the mixtures from Steps 7 and 8 to finish making the cheese custard. I thoroughly chill in the refrigerator at this point.
10. Pour the custard into the shell and smooth with a spoon.
11. Decorate around the edge with whipped cream. I used a 10 mm 11 hole mini Mont Blanc pastry bag.
12. Arrange your favorite fruits on top and dust with sugar to finish.
13. This is a cherry tart I made with the same cheese cream. Recipe ID: 828100.

Story Behind this Recipe

A while ago, I made a cherry tart. Cheese custard really is the best. This time, I changed the pan and topped with a ton of fruit.