A Unique Dish My Family's Beef Tendon Curry

A Unique Dish My Family's Beef Tendon Curry

This is full of collagen . It is also full of veggies .
This rich and spicy curry is addicting!!!


Beef Tendons
about 500 g
1 stalk
★Tomatoes (grated)
★Carrots (grated)
Potatoes (Spring potatoes)
2 (10)
To your liking
◆Hot red chili peppers
To your liking
◆Black pepper
To your liking
Store-bought curry roux
1.5~2 boxes
◎Sauce, ketchup, miso, black pepper
To your liking
Egg (topping)
1 (to your liking)


1. Preparing the Beef Tendons 1: Wash the beef tendons in water, boil in hot water in a pot, add celery leaves, and parboil.
2. Preparing the Beef Tendons 2: After parboiling, throw out the hot water, wash the beef tendons in running water, and cut into easy-to eat pieces.
3. Caramelized Onions 1: Thinly slice the onions, place onto a plate, drizzle olive oil, lightly wrap in plastic wrap, and microwave .
4. Caramelized Onions 2: Saute Step 3 in a frying pan until it changes color. Heat level: High then (after the water has evaporated) low.
5. Vegetable Prep: Grate each of the ★ ingredients. Slice the celery. Cut the other carrot into easy-to-eat pieces.
6. Sauteing: Add ◆ to a pot, and turn on over low heat.
7. Sauteing 2: Once Step 6 is aromatic, add Steps 2 (beef tendons), 4 (onions), and 5 (celery) to saute.
8. Simmering: Once the beef tendons have browned a bit, add water and ★, and boil until the beef tendons become soft. Lightly skim the scum.
9. Vegetable Ingredients: Boil the carrots from Step 5 and the potatoes separately (this time, I used spring potatoes!)
10. Turn off the heat once the beef tendons have softened, and add the roux. Add ◎ at this point, check the flavor and add Step 9 if it is okay, slowly boil again, and it's done!
11. This time, I used a fried egg as a topping! Top it with what you like, to make this even more appetizing!

Story Behind this Recipe

Packed with collagen, this thick, rich, and spicy curry is my family's favorite!!