Flower Petal Shaped Carrot Slices (for Garnish)

Flower Petal Shaped Carrot Slices (for Garnish)

You don't need a special vegetable cutter. These carrot flower petals are very simple to make. Why not try them as a garnish for items such as obento lunch boxes, simple soups, and simmered dishes?

Ingredients: Carrot -- 1.5 cm slice

Carrot (sliced)
1.5 cm


1. Slice a disk of carrot 1.5 cm in length.
2. First, cut away the sides of the carrot so that both ends are pointed, forming an oval.
3. In one of the ends, make two diagonal incision of 3-4 mm each to remove a small wedge (as shown).
4. Set the chunk of carrot as prepared in step 3 onto its side and slice it to your desired thickness. Boil or microwave and use.
5. If you use these to garnish a thick potage soup, they will float. Try setting them on the surface as a garnish. So pretty!

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of these around Girls Day, when I wanted to make something pretty and with a spring theme.