Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi are not only fun to prepare, but also loved by everyone. This crowd-pleaser requires a bit of practice. Hopefully the tips I share here will help you out!


Sushi rice
as needed
Sliced fresh fish
as needed


1. Step 1: Place the slice of fish on the first joints of your fingers of your left hand (closer to your fingertips). In your right hand, hold a small elliptically shaped ball of sushi rice and take a smear of wasabi on your middle finger.
2. Step 2: Apply wasabi to the fish slices.
3. Step 3: Place the sushi rice on top of the slice of fish, and press down slightly in the center.
4. Step 4: Roll up the fingers of your left hand, bringing the sushi closer to your palm and rolling it over so that the slice of fish now faces upward. With your right forefinger, press down gently to hold the sushi together. Repeat around 3 times, rotating the sushi each time.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'd been interested in nigiri sushi from quite some time, but I hadn't been able to make anything besides temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi). But with time and lots of help from various TV programs and magazines, I was able to improve my skills. Here are some of my suggestions to guide you on how to make some fun nigiri sushi to entertain your guests.