Beans Simmered in a Rice Cooker

Beans Simmered in a Rice Cooker

Just rinse and turn on the switch! This is an easy simmered soy bean recipe without any troublesome steps! You can use any beans you like, such as soy beans, adzuki, white kidney beans, etc.

Ingredients: For a 3 rice cooker cup capacity rice cooker

Garbanzo beans
500 g
Enough to fill to the 3 cup line in the rice cooker


1. Rinse the beans and place them into the rice cooker.
2. Fill the rice cooker to the highest marked water line (for a 3 rice cup capacity cooker).
3. Turn the switch on "okayu" (rice porridge) mode. (If you select a different mode, it will boil over.)
4. You can use this method with other beans, but after they're done cooking, try one bean. If it's not soft enough, put it through the cycle again.

Story Behind this Recipe

Store-bought cooked beans were always too sweet! But whenever I simmered some in a pot, it overflowed. So, I figured out a way to simmer the beans without having to do anything taxing, like soaking the beans beforehand.