Pan-Fried Pork Cutlets Seasoned with Ginger and Garlic

Pan-Fried Pork Cutlets Seasoned with Ginger and Garlic

How about some spicy ginger pork cutlets using tonkatsu-grade pork? They're just as tasty as tonkatsu and great with rice.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Thick pork cutlet
2-3 cutlets
1 large clove
1 large clove
Greens (nanohana, spinach, komatsuna)
about 1/2 bunch
3 tablespoons
☆Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
Sesame oil
1 tablespoon
Plain flour
as needed
a small amount
a small amount


1. Cut the meat into 1.5cm strips, then season both sides with salt and pepper.
2. Finely chop the garlic and ginger. Combine the ☆ ingredients.
3. Boil water in pot, add a pinch of salt, and boil the greens before cutting into large bite-sized pieces.
4. Lightly dust the meat from Step 1 with flour.
5. Heat sesame oil, garlic, and ginger in a pan. Once the garlic and ginger become fragrant, add the meat from Step 4.
6. Sauté the meat over medium heat, browning on all sides. Pour the ☆ ingredients over the meat and simmer to reduce.
7. Once the liquid has reduced, arrange the meat on a platter (use the leftover liquid in the pan as sauce!), garnish with the greens from Step 3 and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought pork cutlets to make tonkatsu, but since I didn't feel like deep-frying, I decided to pan fry it with ginger. By adding garlic, it has a nice texture as tasty as regular tonkatsu. Recently, we've been eating this a lot at home.