Spicy Sautéed Chicken Breasts

Spicy Sautéed Chicken Breasts

Chicken breast is inexpensive, and you can make this easily with ingredients you have in stock. Adjust the spiciness and the amount of garlic and use in bentos too!

Ingredients: 3 servings

Chicken breasts
2 small (see notes below)
◎ Ketchup
3 tablespoons
◎ Sake
3 tablespoons
◎ Garlic (grated)
1/2 teaspoon (pre-grated garlic in a tube is ok)
◎ Gochujang (or doubanjiang - see notes below)
1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons
◎ Water
1 tablespoon


1. Pierce the chicken several times with a fork, and make small cuts in the thick parts (to prevent the meat from shrinking). Season with salt and pepper. Combine the ingredients marked ◎ (ketchup, sake, garlic, gochujang, water).
2. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken skin side down until browned, about 3 minutes. Turn over and put on a lid, and steam-fry for about 6 minutes. Remove any excess oil from the pan.
3. Add the ◎ ingredients to the pan and simmer over low heat.
4. If the sauce has reduced about this much it's good. Slice the chicken on the diagonal. Pour the sauce remaining in the pan over the chicken, and bon appetit.

Story Behind this Recipe

Chicken breasts were on sale at a great price so I bought a ton of it!! I wanted to come up with an item that would go well with beer...and this easy recipe is the result. Serve with vegetables of your choice.