Fish Sausage "Strawberries" For Decorative Bento (Charaben)

Fish Sausage "Strawberries" For Decorative Bento (Charaben)

It is a bit difficult to press in the sesame seeds, but you prepare these the day before to use in charaben! Use them to fill gaps in your bento.


Fish sausages
As needed
Something green (vegetables or picks)
As needed
Sesame (black or white)
As needed


1. Cut shapes out of green colored food for the strawberry hulls.
2. Cut the fish sausages into strawberry shapes.
3. Press the sesame seeds into the fish sausage.
4. Place the leaves from Step 1 into the sausages from step 3 and secure with picks.
5. Use to fill in gaps in a bento.
6. I used broccoli for the green hulls.
7. These are fish sausage flowers!

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband is allergic to strawberries, so I figured I would at least give him something strawberry-shaped. My child loves these "strawberries" too!