This Honey and Ginger Will Warm You Up

This Honey and Ginger Will Warm You Up

Warm yourself with tasty ginger. Use it as an accent in your recipes.

Ingredients: 1 to 2 weeks' worth

70 g
1/2 cup (200 ml)
Airtight container


1. Boil a glass container for about 3 minutes to sterilize.
2. Scrub the ginger and slice without removing the skin. If there are some parts that are hard to clean, slice them off.
3. Put the ginger slices and honey in the container, and let sit for 12 to 24 hours. Some water content will come out of the ginger, so mix it to allow easier absorption.
4. Chop the ginger for curries or stir-fries. Use the leftover honey to sweeten yoghurt, miso soup, Japanese-style simmered dishes, or stir into your tea.

Story Behind this Recipe

Letting the ginger sit in mineral-rich honey tones down its spice and makes it edible.

Use the ginger as a seasoning, dilute the honey with hot water to make a honey drink! It's very versatile!!!