Swirly Flat Cookies

Swirly Flat Cookies

Just combine the ingredients, roll out the dough very very thin, sprinkle with the fillings, roll it up, slice, flatten, and bake! These are easy and thin baked cookies.

Ingredients: 40 x 4 cm cookies

Cookie Dough:
Cake flour
100 g
20 g
Vegetable oil
20 g
Granulated sugar
to taste
to taste


1. Put the vegetable oil, milk, and sugar in bowl and mix well with a whisk.
2. Add the flour and roughly combine with a rubber spatula.
3. Once it is no longer watery, put into a plastic bag. (Depending on the temperature and humidity, it will become crumbly. Don't worry if it seems too powdery.)
4. Once it has evenly combined, fold it in half vertically and then horizontally. Then roll it out very thinly. Be careful not to tear the dough. (This time I rolled it out to a 1mm thick 24x27cm rectangle.)
5. If the dough is too soft and hard to handle, put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
6. Leaving about 2cm of one edge free, sprinkle the dough with granulated sugar and cinnamon. (In the photo, I sprinkled half with sesame seeds and half with coconut.)
7. Lightly roll the dough towards the empty edge. Use a knife to slice 5-6mm slices and use a cup (etc.) to flatten each one.
8. Bake for 10 minutes in a 160℃ oven and they're done! (I use a gas oven.)
9. You can sprinkle these with cocoa powder, soy flour, coffee, tea, etc. I also recommend switching the granulated sugar for crystallized sugar or brown sugar.

Story Behind this Recipe

I want to eat a snack! So I made these simple and crunchy cookies.
Since they're not the most neatly made cookies, I would say that they are for personal use rather than using them as a gift.