Temari Sushi for Doll Festival

Temari Sushi for Doll Festival

How about making hand-sized temari sushi for Hina Matsuri?
It's so cute!


Sushi rice
1 serving
Smoked salmon
4 slices
Thin omelet
as needed
2 3 cm pieces
Nori seaweed
as needed
Denbu (peach)
as needed


1. Form half of the rice into an egg-shaped ball. [Set aside a finger-tip sized amount]
2. Make 2. (You'll be squeezing it down later, so it's okay if it's still soft)
3. Cut a long, thin piece of thin omelet out and wrap around a rice ball (with the right side on top).
4. Slice the top part of the smoked salmon horizontally (if you don't mind the bloody parts, you can use it as-is).
5. Wrap the salmon around the egg, making sure the egg peaks out a bit.
6. Wrap around the remaining salmon in the back. When you've finished wrapping it, wrap in plastic wrap and let set.
7. Repeat the process with the other rice ball, using smoked salmon for the bottom layer, nori for the top. Wrap it up in plastic wrap and squeeze to set.
8. Wrap up the finger-tip sized amount of rice and shape into a ball.
9. Wrap it up with nori, then wrap in plastic again. Let set.
10. Cut out a piece of thin omelet about 4 cm x 7 cm.
11. Fold it in half.
12. Using a knife or kitchen scissors, cut 1 cm slits every 5 mm along the folded edge (don't cut the inside!)
13. Starting at one end, wrap it up. Once wrapped up, use a piece of dry pasta to secure it with the loops facing out.
14. Stick in a piece of pasta.
15. Stick 13 and 14 to the dolls' heads. (The pasta will soften by the time you eat it.)
16. Cut the eyes and mouths out with nori and stick on the faces. Use the denbu for the cheeks. If you don't have denbu, use ketchup instead.
17. If you have the energy to do so, make the fan and scale from the remaining thin omelet. They will stick naturally to the dolls.
18. All done!
19. The picture shows the old sitting arrangement. Now in the Kanto region, it seems that it's fashionable to have the girl doll sitting on the right side.

Story Behind this Recipe

Regular temari sushi just wasn't going to cut it, so I made some with a twist!